Transit can be more...


Having a well-connected transit is known to boost the economic well-being of the city. Other than that, the opportunity to use transit comfortably is also beneficial for a household. When a household can break free from ownership of a car, it increases savings from payments for the vehicles, insurance, and gas. By breaking free from this large commitment, many can breathe freely and spend their savings where it really matters.

Transit to many residents is not a valid option because of the time differences between driving to their location or taking public transit. What if you got that extra sleep you needed during this time or got to read a book you have been waiting to start or work on the assignment that could use a little edit or make a new friend.  Our time is also valuable, so why not shift our perspective from seeing our transit time as a waste but rather another time to get more stuff done.

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Image by Max Vertsanov at unsplash