Image by Nadine Shaabana at unsplash

Our passion and goal

We want to come together to rethink transit solutions to give back control and access to the community and make the switch in a sustainable lifestyle possible in our current city design.

Public transit is more than a mode of transportation. Good up-to-date public transportation systems bring many benefits to individuals, communities, and the local economy. In Hamilton's case, there has been a huge funding gap in the development of the HSR. Many can hear similar stories throughout many suburban cities in the GTHA. All of this is because of the undermining and biases reflected by how our transit is maintained.

We are careful to say that transit was designed with the wrong intention; rather, we would like to say that transit is maintained from its route management to investments. The integration of transit into city development reflects stigma and biases. For example, the lack of investment has resulted in unreliable services and a stigmatized image. Over time, this has resulted in many demotivation when it comes to relying on the services.

Using the team's education in architecture, urban design, and community-based urban pedagogy, we hope to shift the perceptions of transit through innovative strategies and community-led urban development. We will learn from our research, case studies, and experiences to develop a new design principle that increases sustainable public transportation options and make transit fun again for people of all.

Sustainable Transit for all