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Improving North American transit system to lead a sustainable and livable future.

This project focuses on:

Transit is more than a mode of transportation. It reflects the social and community developments. It reflects the movement of life and also acts as the access to opportunity. Just as transit comes with its opportunity to grow, there is also the stigmatization of transit users and its development that has discouraged many from using their transit system.

Through the recent research and our awareness, the team has realized that transit not only improves the psychological and social wellbeing of a community; It also brings independence, safety, and access to opportunities to youths, families, the elderly, and the cities economy.

The outcome of this project is to involve the opportunities to connect to the cities in the GTHA to destigmatize transit and reconnect residents to their local transits. We are looking to learn from different pilot programs as case studies, resurfacing a sense of culture, and explore ways to connect with transit in fun and engaging ways for people of every age.

How did we start?

With our partner, the City of Hamilton, we were asked to develop a way to engage the youth with public transit. Making transit attractive to youth is crucial in terms of contributing towards a sustainable lifestyle in Hamilton. As we graduated from the YCI Program, we knew that many North American cities also face the same problem. As a result, we are shifting from look at transit just in Hamilton to cities in the GTHA and other regions base on our collaboration.

As a response, we started to look into the factors contributing to the city's transit experience. Our research narrowed down the following gaps; outdated transit system, unreliable and lack of services, stigmatization of the riders, and the lack of technology in the existing system. All of this factor contributes when thinking about transit. This can influence the choice of making the switch into a transit-centric life.

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